Is Canada Safe For International Students | Canada Safety Guide for International Student

Is Canada Safe For International Students | Canada Safety Guide for International Student

90% of the students who wish to study abroad in Canada report that they prefer to study in Canada because of the sense of safety and security the country provides. One of the most frequently asked questions by students willing to study abroad in Canada is regarding the safety issues in the country like Is Canada Safe for International Students. So, is Canada safe for international students?

In this blog lets find out Is Canada safe for International Students to study and live in.

Is Canada Safe To Live In?

is canada safe to live in

Canada has always been regarded as the safest place in the world. The country has also been ranked at the top for the quality of life along with better education. Canada is considered to be one of the safest places to study as the country faces very low crime rates and cases of racial discrimination. Statistics by Numbeo reveal that Canada’s safety index (62.42) is much higher than the safety indices of other popular studies abroad destinations such as US (49.99), UK (57.9) and Australia (57.94). Also, students studying in Canada also claim that the country has a very safe environment for students.

study abroad in Canada.

Work And Study In Canada

Work And Study In Canada

The Government of Canada allows international students to work and study in Canada if their study visa or permit mentions that they are allowed to work either on or off-campus. You cannot work in Canada without a legal work permit. The Canadian job market provides both full-time and part-time jobs for students in Canada.

As a student, you can either work on-campus or off-campus. Working “On-campus” means you can work at all the buildings on your school/campus premises. If your school has more than one campus, you may only work at the campus where you’re studying. An international student can work off-campus only if they have an off-campus work permit.

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Now let’s get started with your question on “Is Canada Safe for International Students?”

Public Safety In Canada

Safety In Canada During An Emergency

Public safety in Canada is one of the major concerns of the Government of Canada. Is Canada safe for international students during emergencies?  In case of any emergency in Canada, you can directly contact 911. This is the number that will connect you to the concerned authorities for police, fire, and ambulance throughout Canada. Also, the best part is, they also provide interpreters for non-English speaking residents. If in case you get in situations like robbery, don’t try to fight back. Just shout out to the public around you to draw their attention towards you. And, if someone tries to steal your wallet, just throw it and run in the opposite direction. You need to report immediately if you are to the victim to any kind of crime, be it small or a big one.

Transportation Safety In Canada

transportation safety in canada

Is Canada safe for international students in terms of transportation? It is always recommended to get familiar with the public transportation route and schedule before you leave for any destination. It is always considered to be safe to take a taxi if you are travelling in late hours. You don’t have to negotiate with the drivers for taxi fares as they have running meters.But, if you choose to take a bus instead of late hours, go for a busy and well-lit bus.

Alternatively, you can also opt for ridesharing apps like Kangaride, Poparide, Lyft, etc., in Canada. This is also one of the most economic travel options while in Canada.

Walking Safety In Canada

walking safety in canada

You need to be very cautious while walking alone. Be aware and attentive of who and what is going around you. It is always recommended to avoid isolated areas and walk on well-lit, busy streets at night, and travel with a friend whenever possible. Avoid isolated areas, such as parks or alleys.If you have to walk alone, walk with confidence, and make sure you plan your route to and from your destination.

If you sense someone following you, act cleverly and go to the nearest restaurants, store, etc. Also, many colleges and universities in Canada offer “safety escorts” and transportation facilities for students traveling around campus during late hours. If this service is available in your college or university, make sure to save their numbers on your phone.

Public Safety In Canada While Drinking And Parties

Is Canada safe for international students while drinking and partying? If you are new to Canada, you need to be familiar with the drinking laws and legal age for drinking. Also, if you want to purchase alcohol or go to bars, make sure you carry your ID or passport along with you. Always take a public bus, taxi or ride sharing vehicles while returning from parties, especially when you are drunk.

If you are using a ride sharing app, do check the vehicle number and photo of the driver before hopping in. It is also illegal to drink alcohol in public places like beaches, parks, or on the street. DO NOT possess any kind of drugs while in Canada as it is illegal. If an international student is caught with drugs in Canada, you’ll be deported.

Apartment Safety In Canada

Apartment Safety In Canada

In order to ensure safety in your apartment in Canada, Do Not let strangers into your apartment. Keep your doors and windows locked as much as possible, even when you’re at home, and look through the peephole before you open your door for someone. Also, interact with your neighbors so that you will have people around who can help you in an emergency.

These are the factors you need to consider for ensuring safety while studying in Canada. This might have also answered your question regarding is Canada safe to live in. Maintaining safety won’t be an issue as the country is believed to be one of the safest countries in the world to study, work and live.

Conclusion: Is Canada Safe for International Students

Having said that, we can understand why a large number of students from all over the world are choosing to study in Canada. If you are planning to study in Canada, please feel free to contact CIC Education Hub. We will also provide you in-depth information regarding the best colleges and universities in Canada. If you want to visit a gallery. here you can go.

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FAQs on Is Canada Safe for International Students

Is Canada safe for female international Students?

Although Canada is one of the safest country to live in, it is very important and logical to follow safety precautions anywhere in the world. Your safety should be your #1 priority.

Is there gun violence in Canada like US?

Although 26% of Canadian citizens own firearm, there’s only 28 Firearm-related violent crime per 100,000 population.

Is it safe to study in Canada?

Canada was ranked the second country in the world with the highest quality of life. So it can be said that it is more than safe to study in Canada

Are international students happy in Canada?

The happiness index for Canada in 7.03 (0-unhappy, 10-happy). For comparison, happiness index for USA is 6.98. So it can be said that international students are happy to Study and live in Canada.