Everything About Canada PR Requirements

Everything About Canada PR Requirements

The wonderland for many Canada has in all-prospective future, quality education, inclusive or quality standard of living, and many more.

Canada PR requirements are that vital piece of information that international students looking forward to applying to Canada seem keen on knowing about. We mean why wouldn’t you right? With Canadian PR, international students can acquire key that helps them to get a quality education and a bright future ahead.

 While the appeal of Canada PR is certainly tempting, keeping track of the whole procedure can be a living nightmare for many. But don’t panic, we got you covered with everything you need to know about Canada PR requirements:

Why Choose Canada For PR?

why choose Canada for PR requirements

So, several people can be curious as to why Canada, right? Plenty of countries often have been in the news to provide a huge range of offers for international students and so, getting into any of those could be the right decision.

But Canada has everything in the store that guarantees a better life. We’re talking about quality education, healthcare, moving in-between states, working freely, and above all, inclusive place. No wonder, many people are interested in Canada. You know that means requirements for IELTS and PR. But first, here are some of the reasons why you should choose Canada for PR:

1. High-quality education

Canada is widely recognized across the world for its quality education and provides students with a range of fields to choose from. Further, Canada has a provision of free education for children under the age of 18 for primary and secondary education and a high school diploma.

This could definitely be a blessing for any individual as it would save a lot of money. On top of that, Canada provides students with various scholarships and grants even after high school. This certainly makes the academic journey stronger and easier.

2. Free medical and healthcare treatment

If you haven’t been living under a rock, then the medical facilities of Canada are highly praised across the world. Unlike other big developed countries, healthcare facilities are free in this country and we all know how vital it is for people to have access to free and proper healthcare facilities.

That’s why the availability of PR lets people get the best help needed in the context of any health deformities. This lets you enjoy the best service without spending huge bucks.

3. Inclusive 

Something that Canada has always managed to grab the attention of, inclusivity and diverseness has always been a topic of fascination worldwide. Home to large immigrants, Canada has been known across the world for maintaining harmony and respecting the varied culture of different demographics.

So, this is a great opportunity for any interested individuals as Canada’s respectful and welcoming environment can help in getting along there. Thereby, people from any nationality can carry their culture with pride and glory.

How To Check The Eligibility For PR Requirements In Canada?

eligibility for PR Requirements

So, PR is vital for a variety of reasons. But before applying for it, you have to make sure whether you fit the eligibility criteria or not.  If you are someone looking for requirements to renew a PR card in Canada or a completely new individual considering applying for PR, consider these aspects. Here are certain parameters to determine your eligibility for PR in Canada:

1. Non-Canadian citizen

 Whether you’re looking for Canada PR requirements for international students or trying to get into this land through other provisions, the first factor to consider is that you have to be a non-Canadian citizen.

The whole idea behind the PR card is to provide individuals other than Canadian citizens living in Canada with a large number of advantages. 

2. Physically present in Canada

Another vital aspect while considering IELTS Canada PR requirements is the fact that you have to reside within Canada. This is one of the prominent reasons why many International students aim for Canada PR requirements and have been successful.

To apply for PR, you must have stayed in Canada for 5 years or have been physically present for a minimum of 730 days. However, the residency obligation might differ as per the type of immigration programs pursued, which we discuss later on.

3. No misuse of PR card

Last but not least, you certainly don’t want to mess with the laws of Canada. You have to make sure that you don’t misuse the card in any form. Also, stay in compliance with the prescribed rules and regulations of the Canadian government.

Canada PR Requirements For International Students

International students trying to fulfill Canada PR requirements should know that there is a large range of options available. The most preferred form is the provincial nominee program. This definitely saves time for International students in dealing with a large number of proceedings. Above all, it makes the whole journey a smooth one.

These Canada PR requirements for international students vary with the province. So the requirements have been listed as per the provinces.

1. Manitoba PR requirements

Manitoba is one of the prospective provincial programs for students out there.  International students can get into Manitoba through three pathways: Career employment pathways, Graduate internship pathways, and Student entrepreneur pathways.

Here are requirements to be fulfilled under these pathways:

Pathways Education Language requirementAdaptability Employment status
1.Career employmentMust have enrolled under the designated post-secondary institution of Manitoba for 3 years Minimum Canadian Language Benchmark(CLB) 7Must be present in Manitoba during the term of application  Should get a full-time job offer from an eligible Manitoba employer with a minimum 1-year contract
2.Graduate internship Undertaken  a master or doctoral degree program for a period of  3 years in ManitobaMinimum Canadian Language Benchmark(CLB) 7Must be present in Manitoba during the term of applicationJob is not compulsory at the time of application. However, must have  completed a Mitacs Elevate or Accelerate internship  within an eligible industry or research enterprise in Manitoba 
3. Student entrepreneur Completed a full-time post-secondary program of at least 2 years duration in Manitoba with an age limitation of 21 to 35 yearsMinimum Canadian Language Benchmark(CLB) 7 along with acceptance of IELTS  Have stayed in Manitoba since graduation  Must have a valid work permit or post-graduation work permit(PGWP) at the time of application

2. British Columbia PR requirements

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC-PNP) is quite a varied program that comes with multiple categories. The main aspect to be considered here is that it requires a job offer to get PR from this province for international graduate and international postgraduate students.

 The requirements to be fulfilled under this province are:

International GraduateExpress Entry or skills immigration Must have studied at the post-secondary level for a minimum of 1-year; the job must be offered in a skilled position 
International Post-graduateExpress Entry or skills immigration Must have graduated Master’s/Ph.D. program in natural, applied, or health science; no requirement of the job 

Another important element to be considered is the language requirement. There is no language requirement for NOC 0, A, or B and CLB 4 for NOC C. 

3. Saskatchewan PR requirements

Saskatchewan allows international students to get in through Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program(SINP). The interested individuals are obliged to be graduated from Canadian educational institutions and have at least 6 months of work experience in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan also happens to be the province for accepting the lowest IELTS score. 

The other requirements have been enlisted below:

CategoryJob offerLanguage proficiency
Inside Saskatchewan or Outside SaskatchewanMust have an offer of employment from Saskatchewan employer supported by a letter of offer and  Job Approval Letter from SINPNone for NOC 0, A, or BCLB4 for NOC C

Candidates are required to be graduated from post-secondary level education of at least 1-year for individuals applying inside Saskatchewan. 

 Individuals applying outside Saskatchewan must be graduated from a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution in another province with an A certificate, or A diploma, or A  degree.

4. Alberta PR requirements

Alberta is another potential place for anyone looking forward to getting PR in this place. Students can get through the Alberta Opportunity Stream program. This works differently than the rest of the provinces because you have to reside and work within Alberta.

You are required to have a language proficiency of CLB 4 for NOC C or D. The main aspect that works as a gateway to Alberta is a job offer. You are required to have a work permit in compliance with Labour Market Impact Assessment(LMIA). 

During the postmarking and assessment of the application, the students must be working in a suitable occupation in Alberta. This should align with previous work experience. You are expected with a minimum work experience of 12 months.

5. Ontario PR requirements

One of the most sought-after, Ontario happens to have a high number of acceptance in the context of provinces for any individuals dealing with IELTS Canada PR requirements. Students can apply through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Programme. It requires students with Canadian educational experience and a job offer from Ontario employers.

The best part about this is no minimum requirement of language proficiency, making it accessible for interested individuals. There is also no need for minimum work experience. 

There are 3 mediums through which international students can get in. They are International students with a job offer program, Ph.D. graduate program, and Pilot International Masters Graduate program.

CategoryEligibilityJob Requirement
1. International students with a job programMust have completed at least 2-year diploma or degree program while studying full timeValid full-time job offer from a Canadian employer  
2. Ph.D. graduate programMust have undertaken two years of their Ph.D. program from Ontario UniversityNo need for a job offer
3. Pilot International Masters Graduate Program.Must have finished a minimum of one academic year while studying on a full-time basisNo requirement of job offer

 Brief Canada PR Process

Brief Canada PR process for Canada PR requirements

Now that we have gained some knowledge as to different provinces allowing Canada PR process. Let’s get a brief overview of the Canada PR process. So, make sure to follow this process for Canada :

1. Take your language tests 

The first thing you want to make sure of is to take the IELTS exam as it is one of the parameters to get into Canada for PR requirements and meet the minimum requirement as set by program requirements.

2. Fulfill the application requirement

Read your program conditions carefully and figure out if you’re eligible for it. Submit all the necessary documents. Pay attention to work and educational requirements.

3. Gather the essential documents

These include mandatory documents like proof of funds, medical checkups, and police verification records ready. The essential documents include:

  1. Authentic passport
  2. Proof of funds
  3. Identification documents
  4. Police clearance certificate
  5. Educational documents

After the fulfillment of these requirements of Canada PR, international students will get confirmation of their PR status and get a COPR( Confirmation of Permanent Residence) card.

4. Apply for a PR card

The processing time depends on the program pursued. However, it takes around 2 weeks to 9 months from the date of initiation. This is then followed up by federal approval which can take around 6-8 months at most.

Things To Avoid for Canada PR

For all those applying PR, be sure to watch out for the following aspects:

1. Fake Documents

 You want to make sure that you submit authentic documents. Submitting fake documents is a big no.

2. Ineligibility

This is a major point you want to pay attention to. Before applying for any program, it is always a great idea to ensure that you are eligible for the program. 

3. Proof of funds

Proof of funds or settlement funds is a must when it comes to staying in Canada as a Permanent resident. It is basically letters from the bank where the money is deposited.  This provides evidence that you will be able to support yourself during your stay in Canada.

4. History of Criminal Records

The obvious one. You shouldn’t have any history of criminal offenses in your home country and this factor is crucial when it comes to Canada PR requirements for interested scholars.

Final Takeaway

The journey to Canada certainly sounds hectic. For international students looking forward to obliging with IELTS Canada PR requirements, the whole procedure can be a walking nightmare. The prospective future whose big eyes are filled with hope shouldn’t necessarily have to deal with all these hassles as they already have to deal with other issues.

So, here’s the deal. The students looking forward to meeting Canada PR requirements can actually make their journey a smooth one by staying aware of all these guidelines. Therefore, CIC Education Hub can actually be an excellent companion in your journey to Canada saving you from all the troubles and make your journey a smooth one.

FAQs on Canada PR Requirements

1. Is it easy to get PR in Canada?

Applying to get Canada PR requires careful consideration of a large number of factors and is a bit complicated process. However, if done with compliance with all requirements, there is a greater chance of acing the PR of Canada. That’s why getting proper consultation and guidance is crucial.

2. Can I get PR if I buy property in Canada?

There is no such provision of getting PR by buying property in Canada. Acquiring PR of Canada requires fulfillment of requirements set as per the programs under which PR is pursued.

3. Is there any age limit for Canada PR?

There is no specific age limit for the Canada PR requirement. And on most cases, the age limit depends upon the criteria set by the program undertaken. However, certain age limits provide maximum points.

The demographic between 18 to 35 years gets the highest points while people above 35 get minimum points and the maximum age happens to be 45 years