10 Best Consultancy in Nepal for Canada 2024

10 Best Consultancy in Nepal for Canada 2024

Sometimes choosing the best consultancy in Nepal for Canada can be overwhelming. Finding the right consultancy among the many consultancies can be a challenging task. For Nepalese students, those who are looking for higher education and a brighter future for themselves and their families, studying abroad has grown in popularity.

However, it can be challenging to decide which study abroad location, program, or university is most suitable for you when there are many options available.  Study-abroad consultancies can help in this situation. In this article, we’ll discuss the right way to choose the best consultancy to study in Canada from Nepal and the list of best consultancies for Canada in Nepal.

How to Choose the Best Consultancy for Canada in Nepal?

Canada is a popular destination for international students looking for a high-quality education, modern educational resources, and potential employment opportunities. Finding the best consultants to guide you through the difficulties of studying abroad in Canada, however, can be difficult. In this blog, we will cover some of the most significant factors to consider when searching for a study in Canada:

  1. Reputation: 

When selecting a study in Canada consultant, the first and most crucial thing to do is to look into their reputation. You could look into the consultancy’s reputation by checking testimonials and reviews from past clients. Additionally, you can get referrals from friends, relatives, or colleagues who have already benefited from the consultancy services.

  1. Experience and Expertise:

When selecting a consultant for studying in Canada, the other thing to keep into consideration is their level of experience and knowledge. An expert with years of experience in the field will understand immigration laws, the Canadian educational system, and any difficulties students from abroad face. You should also examine the consultant’s knowledge when deciding where to study. As an example, you might want to select a consultant with experience working with Canadian policies.

  1. Services and Fees:

The third consideration when selecting a consultant for studying in Canada is the services they provide and their fees. Look out for a consultant who provides a variety of services, including academic guidance, help with obtaining a visa, help finding housing, and support with finding a job. It is also necessary to evaluate the rates charged by several consultants to verify that you are receiving a fair agreement. Still, you shouldn’t pick a consultant simply based on their costs because excellent service may cost more.

  1. Availability and Accessibility:

The fourth thing to consider when selecting a consultancy for Canadian studies is availability and accessibility. It is important to check out an expert who is easily accessible, both in person and virtually. Additionally, you should choose a consultancy that will be accessible to you for guidance and inquiries during the entire journey to Canada. An experienced expert will answer your questions quickly and give you reliable information.

  1. Network and Connections:

The sixth consideration when choosing a consultancy is their network and connections. A professional consultant with a large network of contacts in the immigration and education sectors in Canada can offer insightful support and guidance. They might help you in making connections with colleges and universities that are valuable to you, and potential employers. If you want to study and work in Canada after graduation, this can be quite beneficial.

Hence, these are the key points that are necessary to keep in mind while choosing the right and best consultancy to study in Canada.

List of 10 Best Consultancy in Nepal for Canada:

Here is the list of the best and top consultancies of Canada in Nepal that provide excellent services and have experienced experts to guide the students:

  1. CIC Education Hub 
  2. CIC Education Hub Birtamode
  3. CIC Education Hub Pokhara
  4. Consultancy dAh
  5. Canadian Study Center
  6. Canadian Study Center Butwal 
  7. Canadian Study Center Chitwan
  8. Canadian Study Center Itahari
  9. BBC Global Education
  10. Future Point Education Consultancy

1. CIC Education Hub 

One of Nepal’s top consultancy for Canada student visas, CIC Education Hub focuses on offering students who want to study abroad with comprehensive guidance. Many programs are provided by CIC Education Hub, including expert counseling sessions, help with visa applications, and advice on studying abroad. They are dedicated to improving the well-being of students and supporting them in achieving their professional and educational goals. 

CIC Education Hub’s main goal is to provide students with the information and support they need to make wise decisions about their futures and education. Students who want to study abroad can rely on them as reliable consultants because of their years of experience and professional expertise. With four offices in Nepal ( Head Office, Kathmandu, Birtamode, and Pokhara) has been establishing a strong reputation for excellence by sending students to Canada.

2. CIC Education Hub Birtamode

Make sure that your dreams of pursuing an education in another country come true. CIC Education Hub is always here to help you take the initial step towards a great and acknowledged career.

One of the leading consultancy in Nepal for Canada is CIC Education Hub Birtamode. The Birtamode consultancy is a second branch of CIC Education Hub, offers services to international students, and has a reputation for helping them choose the best courses in Canada that are suitable for students. They help students with all aspects of studying abroad, including choosing the right program and a visa to study abroad. 

Regarding international education, CIC Education Hub is a trustworthy and reliable consultancy. With an experienced team and professionals, CIC is the best option for students wanting to study abroad.

3. CIC Education Hub Pokhara

CIC Education Hub Pokhara is a third branch and one of the best well-established education consultancy in Pokhara. The CIC Education Hub Pokhara exclusively encourages high-quality universities and top colleges to study in Canada to ensure that its students graduate with a degree that will help them in their careers. Students who are thinking about pursuing further education in Canada can get free help from the consultancy. It is the top option for Nepalese students who want to study abroad because of its strong record of success, constant dedication to students, and devotion to effectiveness. The experienced members of the consultancy offer students complete support during the whole study abroad process, including advice on study locations, assistance with visa applications, scholarship applications, and living costs. 

4. Consultancy dAh

Consultancy dAh is the first stop if you’re for the best consultancy for Canada in Nepal. As one of the most reputable and trustworthy consultancy in Nepal, Consultancy dAh has developed years of experience and competence in the field. 

More than 24+ prestigious universities, institutions, and colleges in Canada are partners with Consultancy dAh. With a high success record, Consultancy dAh supports students every year in getting admitted 1000+ clients into excellent colleges and universities. Before choosing a university, it is advised that students look at the most recent list of top universities to study in Canada.

5. Canada Study Center

Since it was founded, Canadian Study Center, a renowned educational consultancy for Canada in Nepal, has guided students in pursuing higher education abroad. CSC offers a bridge between international colleges and Nepali students by applying its experience with international education systems and demands in Nepal. 

The team of professionals, and specialist counselors provide free advice and end-to-end guidance with visa applications, IELTS training, university selections, and other services in Canada. Canadian Study Center is recognized as the best consultancy for Canada in Nepal for its professional, and student-focused approach to helping enrollment to international education. With the expertise and support of the CSC, students can successfully achieve both their professional and academic goals.

6. Canada Study Center Butwal 

Canada Study Center Butwal is a Nepal-based student visa consultancy that offers comprehensive consulting services to clients. Along with providing professional guidance and solutions, they can help with documentation and Visa processing. They have been successful in establishing agreements with many foreign institutions, universities, and top colleges to study in Canada. The consultancy provides a wide variety of services to help students make educated decisions since it recognizes that foreign students require trustworthy consultancies to mentor them during the study abroad process.

7. Canada Study Center Chitwan

Canadian Study Center Chitwan is a student visa consultancy in Chitwan, Nepal. They enroll students in colleges and universities as one of the top study-abroad Nepal in Nepal. With an impressive track record and rapid growth, CSC Consultancy is fully dedicated to providing its students with the best guidance and help that is possible. They have an extraordinary partnership with colleges that enables them to provide exceptional services, and they collaborate closely with both institutions and students to make sure that every student receives the best possible supervision.

In addition to offering full guidance with the application and visa procedures, the consultancy also offers study guides for passing entrance exams including the PTE, and IELTS. 

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8. Canada Study Center Itahari

Among the best consultancies in Nepal for student visas is the Canada Study Center Itahari. The CSC Itahari is the third branch of the Canada Study Center, Nepal’s leading education provider for Canada. They are dedicated to providing the greatest possibilities for visas for individuals seeking education and believe that everyone should have access to higher education. By providing specialized services and support during the visa application process, they hope to open doors for students. The consultancy’s commitment to providing top-notch client service and a simple visa application process has helped it establish a reputation as one of Nepal’s top consultancy. For Nepali students who want to further their studies abroad, Canada Study Cente can be the best option for the students of Itahari.

9. BBC Global Education

BBC Global Education is a Nepal-based student visa consultancy that offers comprehensive consulting services to clients. Along with providing professional guidance and solutions, they can help with documentation, and SOP for Canada student visa from Nepal, and as needed. They have been successful in establishing agreements with many foreign institutions, and universities. Based on the student’s educational background, qualifications, and desired field of study, they choose an appropriate college or institution to make an official application. They help the student in applying for a student visa and get them ready for acceptance by providing them with the necessary application materials. They provide all the services you need while applying for admissions, visa processing, pre-departure counseling, and many more. As a result of its years of experience, BBC Global Education has grown to be a trusted Consultancy service provider among students looking to study abroad. 

10. Future Point Education Consultancy

Future Point Education Consultancy is the best and top consultancy for Canada that focuses on guiding Nepalese students to study in Canada. Future Point Education Services, one of the best service providers of student visa counseling in Nepal, has an extensive history of offering clients trustworthy professional guidance. They offer the right evaluation for visa applications to ensure students looking to further their studies in Canada have a hassle-free experience. The Consultancy provides admission counseling and help with visas. Many Nepali students were able to secure visas and enroll in their selected universities in Canada with the help of FPE Services, as their straightforward approach has won them the trust of their clients. Overall, Future Point Education is a reputable and trustworthy consultancy that provides comprehensive guidance for students seeking to pursue their studies in Canada.


When selecting a student visa processing consultancy, it is critical to study and compare services to find the best fit for your requirements. These 10 best consultancy in Nepal for Canada have a proven record of success securing Canada student visas and are trusted by Nepalese students to help them on their path to study in Canada. With their support and direction, aspiring students can make their goals of studying abroad a reality.


Which consultancy is best for Canada in Nepal?

CIC Education Hub, CIC Education Hub Birtamode, and CIC Education Pokhara are the best consultancy with years of experience and professional teams to guide you throughout the visa processing journey.

Which is the best consultancy for Canada in Birtamode, Nepal?

CIC Education Hub Birtamode is the best consultancy for Canada in Birtamode. They help students with all aspects of studying abroad, including choosing the right program and a visa to study abroad. 

Which is the best consultancy for Canada in Pokhara, Nepal?

CIC Education Hub Pokhara is the best consultancy for Canada in Pokhara. The consultancy is the top option for Nepalese students who want to study abroad because of its strong record of success, constant dedication to students, and devotion to effectiveness.

Which is the most trusted consultancy for Canada in Nepal?

CIC Education Hub is known as the  #1 trusted consultancy for Canada in Nepal. With a high success record, CIC supports students every year in getting admitted 1000+ clients into excellent colleges and universities. CIC Education Hub is always there to help you take the initial step towards a great and acknowledged career.

How does the best education consultancy help students in the application process?

CIC Education Hub pays close attention to each application process, whether it is paper-based or online. Before submitting the completed applications to universities, it is crucial to check them. Students and counselors should make time to carefully review applications before submission to ensure a flawless and well-presented application. Students can develop their documents, but it’s vital to speak with an education consultancy to improve them.

SOP for Canada Student Visa from Nepal | SOP Samples for Canada

SOP for Canada Student Visa from Nepal | SOP Samples for Canada

When considering to study in Canada from Nepal or any other nation, one of the most important considerations is the SOP (Statement of Purpose). Your dream of studying in Canada will remain a dream if you do not have an SOP. The SOP must be written correctly and students must know how to write an SOP for Canada Student Visa.  

SOP is just as significant as recommendations and tests of English language proficiency, and other necessities.

In this blog, we will discuss how to write an SOP for Canada Student Visa, along with examples of SOP samples for Canada

What is SOP | Statement of Purpose?

What is SOP? The term “SOP” or “Statement of Purpose” refers to an essay that explains why you are applying to a specific program or university. It is a document that is needed by international universities and necessary to explain why you want to study in Canada. SOP is one of the requirements when applying to study in Canada. 

The SOP  enables the admissions committee to analyze your future goals, objectives, subject knowledge, and expectations. It explains your motivation for studying in Canada to the admissions committee as well as your advantages over other candidates.

How is the SOP for Canada Student Visa different from other Countries?

In contrast to other nations, Canadian universities require applicants to submit an SOP along with their application for a student visa. The SOP for Canada student Visa applications addresses different issues and satisfies different requirements than the Canadian University applications.

A candidate who wants to enroll in a Canadian university or college must prepare an SOP for the visa application process and for both universities. The same SOP can be used by students for both university admission and the visa application process. 

The SOP for Canada Study Visa is an essay in which applicants must justify their decision to study in Canada, as well as their academic goals, post-study plans, and selection of a particular course and university.

How to Write a Good SOP for Canada Student Visa? Format of SOP for Canada

An Ideal SOP for Canada Student Visa explains all the essential points and addresses all the admissions counselors’ queries that highlight the applicants’ personalities. The majority of attempts to appeal are denied by Canadian visa officers because they do not get in touch with every applicant and their SOPs don’t give counselors a strong and convincing reason to choose the student. 

Consequently, if you also would like visa officers to choose your SOP, you must concentrate primarily on the following important factors.


Begin your SOP for Canada Student Visa with an eye-catching opening statement. This could be a famous author’s quote, a broadened theme from your course, or your grand plan for the future. Make it short, clear, and engaging.

Academic Qualifications

Mention your academic achievements from high school to your undergraduate degree in this paragraph. Make a separate section for your noteworthy accomplishments. Maintain an informative and explanatory tone. Remember to explain the reason for any gaps in your education, if any exist.

Professional Experience (if any)

Mention all of your past internship and certification programs. Include a paragraph outlining the personal lessons you learned from these encounters and how doing so helped you make the choice of the courses you have decided to apply for.

What makes this course appealing to you?

Describe the goals of the course and what you hope to learn from it. Write about your course’s technical components and your primary areas of interest. For instance, write about why you selected “XYZ” as your specialization rather than “ABC.”

Short-term and long-term career goals

Short-term Goals

 Mention not only the thesis project you want to work on but also the assets you have on hand. Give a brief overview of previous projects you’ve worked on, as well as any written publications you may have. Discuss the e-magazines where you want to publish your master’s thesis as well as the scope of your industry research.

Long-term Goals

Discuss your desire to become an XYZ professional and also how you intend to achieve it. Mention the industry you’ve chosen and the prospects for your career path. For example, if your ultimate goal is to be a supply chain manager, discuss the industry’s growth over the last decade and how you see tremendous potential in this chosen career in the long term.

Why did you choose this specific university?

Here, you should give a detailed account of the research you did to select the university. Describe how the opportunities at Canadian universities have always made you want to attend one.

Say something like, “I” was looking for a university in Canada when I came across an article about the University of Toronto. The article claims that students there never lack a sense of familiarity or real-world experience. I was motivated to be selected by the time I had finished reading and was certain that this was the school I wanted to attend.”

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Other Interests or Extracurricular Activities

This is where you mention things like how much you’ve loved playing the guitar or how you’ve wanted to take art classes. Discuss your favorite leisure activities, such as reading a book, painting, dancing, or anything else. In this section, talk about your aspirations’ philosophy.

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Assurance that you’ll return to your Home Country

Start this paragraph by expressing your gratitude to your parents for all they have done for you and for the way they have always supported your decisions. Additionally, you owe it to them as their child to take care of them as they get older and would like to go back to them. Also, provide them with good justifications, such as the fact that you’ll use the knowledge and education you acquired while studying in Canada to improve your home country and launch a brand-new business with cutting-edge concepts.

Start something of your own with the concepts and information you learned from your Canadian education. Show your sentimental side, your love for your family, and your pride in your native land, but not in such a way that it comes across as irrational or exaggerated.

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Final Paragraph / Closing

Inform them that you are aware of Canada’s rules and regulations and that you intend to abide by them. Assure them that you will succeed in achieving your goals and realizing your dreams. You’d also study in your chosen field, not something else. Finish by asking them to accept your SOP for a Canada Student Visa and thanking them for their time and consideration.

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Important Tips for Writing SOP for Canada Student Visa | Common Mistakes to Avoid

Students put in a lot of effort when writing their statements of purpose because they want it to be the best of the best. All of their efforts, however, do not have to be successful. While smart work has advantages, hard work is still required.

As a result, greater caution is required when writing the SOP. There are important tips for writing an SOP for Canada student visa and some of the common mistakes to avoid. They are: 

  • Keep your childhood dreams and aspirations to yourself.
  • Limit the amount of information you provide to what is necessary and keep it concise.
  • Neither the introduction nor the conclusion should be overly direct.
  • Never write or forward the SOP in a hurry; always get a second opinion.
  • Don’t rely on others too much because it can sometimes ruin things.
  • Avoid overusing technical terms and slang.

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Best Sample SOP for Canada Student Visa | SOP Sample for Pursuing BSW (Bachelor in Social Work) in Canada

Date: 23rd May 2024


The Visa officer,

Canadian High Commission,

Chandigarh. India

Subject: Statement of Purpose for the Application of a Student Visa

Respected Sir,

I, Tshi Sherpa, am writing this letter with my application for a student visa to study at McGill University for a Bachelor in Social Work(BSW).

I’ve always believed that life is meant to be lived fully, but today we are so deeply rooted in ourselves that we forget there’s a world outside us. I wanted to live, if possible, through the eyes of others. Nobody’s life is better than anyone else’s, and everyone has problems. The only difference is that some know how to deal with them while others do not. I’ve imagined life through various lenses and perspectives. So I thought to begin with this art of helping them help themselves: Social Work.

From a young age, I wanted to help others and make a difference. Social work allows me to do that and bring change in different ways. A change may seem drastic, but the thing about change is that it comes from within. No one can help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves. And change comes with difficulties, but in the end, it shines brightly. 

My passion for social work was always present, but the epiphany came later in life. A woman lost her baby during childbirth and is now unable to have any more. The entire society was present, but only to talk, not to relieve her pain. She had suffered greatly from the loss of her baby, and despite the fact that she had many people to talk to, all she received was sympathy. I wanted to do something different, but I didn’t know what. Later, as time passed, I realized what I wanted to do. Help those who are unable to help themselves. 

In 2021, I graduated from my secondary school, St. Mary’s School, with 91.63 percent. Later, I enrolled in high school with humanities as a major, taking Sociology, Gender Studies, Journalism, and English Literature for two years. I received an aggregate score of 83.29 percent and began looking for places where I could learn more about my passion, what I could do, and what courses were available in my home country.  Furthermore, I got a total band score of 8.0 on IELTS, with sub-bands of 7.0 on writing, 8.0 on reading, 8.5 on listening, and 8.5 on speaking. 

There were colleges that offered Social Work, but after a thorough search, I realized that there were so many things to do and learn, but not the things I was looking for.  So I started searching my options, where I could learn more, and what types of subjects were available in a BSW. I thought about Canada and the world ranking of Canadian universities, the safe environment; and the development of the country over the years. I then searched for any possible Canadian Universities and Colleges.  I stumbled upon many but chose McGill University

The teaching-learning structure, resources, and environment at McGill University are highly regarded. With McGill’s extensive alumni network, I will be able to discover new cultures, build professional networks, learn from professionals, and do my research. It offers affordable fees for global education. In addition, McGill happens to be the best choice for somebody like me who is set on a particular program because it provides targeted programs that enable students to focus on what they want to study and how they will utilize it in the future. The social work programs did a good job of meeting my needs; a series of courses in topics like social work and research can equip a student to handle any situation they may encounter in the real world.

I discovered that Canada is just the place for social work projects. Many businesses, particularly in recent years, have supported and invested in organizations and projects in Canada. This makes the experience that I so desperately want in the coming years very accessible and allows people interested in the fields to gain hands-on learning experience. Participating in the initiatives will provide me with the knowledge I’ll need to launch similar initiatives and advance Nepal’s social scene. As a result, I decided that Canada was the best place for me to study.

My parents are happy to pay for all four years of my education and living expenses. My parents’ combined yearly income is CAD 48,320. In addition, my father has a high-yielding 52,788.06 CAD bank deposit. They have also offered to sell a portion of our family property, valued at CAD 980,554.87, to pay for any unexpected expenses that may occur during my stay in Canada. For the first year, my parents have already paid CAD 19,556.79 in tuition fees and have budgeted CAD 17,000 for boarding and lodging costs. I’m hoping that my supporting documentation will be sufficient proof of my parents’ financial stability.

I am accountable to my parents, with whom I have a strong bond, as the only son of my parents. They have always backed my judgments and supported me and I plan to continue to do so as they age. I want to create a non-profit self-help organization that can collaborate with international organizations, and I want to use the skills I’ve learned at McGill to offer advanced support group initiatives for developments in different areas of social work.

At last, as a foreign student studying in Canada, I am aware of my responsibility to abide by all applicable provincial, federal, and national laws and I promise to do so while only remaining for the duration of my authorized stay. I’m sure that I will only pursue my chosen course of study and refrain from engaging in any actions that are against Canadian law. I therefore sincerely ask that the consulate give me this chance to complete my desired program of study and fulfill both my professional and personal goals.

I appreciate your consideration and time.


Tashi Sherpa

Conclusion: SOP for Canada Student Visa from Nepal

The SOP emphasizes the three Ws: who you are, what you have studied, and why you are qualified for the course. SOP determines your fate on whether you’re studying in Canada or not, and it impacts one’s future. If a student does not know how to write an SOP for Canada Student Visa, they may be denied admission to the college of their choice. 

Even if they did know, there’s a good chance some overwrote and some don’t know what kind of information to provide because writing SOP isn’t easy. Everything must be done correctly to secure your place at your dream university in Canada. Speak with the best consultancy in Nepal for Canada CIC Education Hub today for writing an SOP for Canada Student Visa: Dah with experts in the field will help you write your SOP with the needed information.

If you want to learn more about the subject, we have written an extensive dedicated blog on Letter of Recommendation, how to write a letter of recommendation.

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FAQs on SOP for Canada student visa from Nepal

Is SOP for Canada Student Visa required? 

Is the creation of an SOP required when requesting a Canadian Study Visa? SOP is not required to continue your education at all Canadian Universities. The university has the authority to decide whether or not an SOP is necessary. But the majority of reputable Canadian universities require the applicant to submit an SOP.

Is a student visa possible without SOP?

It is advised that you start preparing one even though it is not legally required. An SOP is required because it helps the visa officer understand your background and profile when evaluating the visa file. It strengthens your chances of getting a study visa. 

How long should the SOP for Canada Student Visa be?

SOP for Canada Student Visa should not be too long or too short, it should be of average length, containing all the required information and necessities. It should be between 800 and 16,000 words.

What are the important tips for writing an SOP for Canada Student Visa?

Some of the important tips for writing an SOP for Canada Student Visa are: 
Keep your aspirations and dreams from childhood to yourself.
Keep it brief and only include what is necessary when providing information.
It’s best to avoid being overly direct in the introduction and conclusion.
Always get a second opinion before writing or sending the SOP.
Don’t depend on people too much, because that sometimes makes things worse.
Do not overuse slang and technical terms.