How Canada can be the best alternative for Australia if your Australia student visa gets rejected?

How Canada can be the best alternative for Australia if your Australia student visa gets rejected?

Australia is a popular destination for international students, especially in Nepal. But there are some cases when the Australia student visa gets rejected and the students are left with no choice but to look for an alternative.

Canada is one of the best alternatives for students who are rejected from Australia study visas. The country offers a wide range of programs and opportunities for international students. For students to study in Canada from Nepal, this blog will guide you .

Australia Student Visa Rejection Rate 2023

Visa rejection for Australia has been high in recent times compared to the past 2-3 years. The total visa success rate for Australian student visas dropped by 32% in 2020–21 compared to 2019–2020.

Top Visa Rejection Reasons for Australia List: Why was my Australia student visa rejected? 

The present Australian government is not greeting that positively to international students these days. They have introduced several new policies that make it difficult for international students to come to Australia and study. 

Failure to meet GTE Requirements Australia 2023

All applicants for Australia student visas are required to submit the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement. The Department of Home Affairs, Australia takes into account your circumstances when determining whether you are a genuine temporary immigrant or not. 

GTE Requirement is an integrity assessment, to prove that they are coming to Australia temporarily to pursue a high-quality education and that they intend to use the program only for that purpose, not as a means of obtaining permanent residency in Australia.

New Changes in GTE Requirement for Australia Student Visa 2023 | New Rules for Australia Student Visa 2023

  • One must be able to show sufficient funds. The Department of Home Affairs, Australia is consolidating in terms of Sufficient fund proof. For students who are not being able to show sufficient funds or show less funds, Australia student visa gets rejected. 
  • Ask for an Updated bank balance Statement. The Department of Home Affairs, Australia can ask for a present and updated bank balance certificate or statement in case of distrust. So, for students who are not being able to show present bank balance statement and showed bank balance just for three months and withdraw it, the Australia student visa gets rejected. 
  • Insufficient Supporting evidence for Income Source. The Department of Home Affairs, Australia can cross-check evidence of income Sources, in case of any doubt. In this case, for those students who have submitted fake evidence, or insufficient evidence (eg. showing income from the land lease but not submitting a land lease agreement),  the Australia student visa gets rejected. 
  • Showing inconceivable income from a single source. The Department of Home Affairs, Australia can cross-check acclaim of huge income from a single source, in case of any doubt. So, for those students who have shown inconsistent income from a single source, the Australia student visa gets rejected.
  • Past misdeeds and False Declaration. The Department of Home Affairs, Australia discourages student visa acceptance from people who have committed any crime previously and the ones who have made a false declaration in the past. So, for those students whose visas got rejected due to submitting false documents, the Australia student visa may get rejected.
  • Not providing a convincing GTE. For those students who became unable to convince that they are coming to Australia temporarily to pursue a high-quality education and that they intend to use the program only for that purpose, not as a means of obtaining permanent residency in Australia, the Australia student visa gets rejected.

Besides the above-mentioned reasons, some of the top visa rejection reasons for Australia are: 

  • Unable to meet Academic Qualification
  • English Language proficiency test
  • Unable to meet Health Requirements

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Why Canada is better than Australia for Nepalese Students? Top Reasons

There are many options available if you’re considering studying abroad, but you should only select the one that suits you the most. Recently, Canada and Australia are the most popular destinations for those who are willing to study abroad. 

So, here are the reasons why Canada is better than Australia for Nepalese Students as follows:

Top Reasons to choose Canada over Australia:

  • Top World Ranking Universities. In Canada, the government oversees 80% of the universities and colleges. So, with affordable tuition fees, top-notch educational facilities, and excellent quality of life, Canada is the finest destination for international students.
  •  Easy Visa Procedure. One of the primary reasons for choosing Canada for a study abroad is Easy Visa Procedure. English is the official language of Canada. The visa process and rules in Canada are easy and clear. Australia, in comparison, has a complex and drawn-out process for student visas. Additionally, compared to Australia, the application price for Canada is far more affordable.
  • Canada Student Visa. One of the primary reasons for Canada’s popularity among Nepalese students over Australia is the large variety of student visas it provides, including the C-Visas and F-visas. Once they have finished their studies, these visas enable students to stay in Canada longer.
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC). A unique program run by the Canadian government grants employment and study visas to chosen international students. The CEC seeks to draw students who completed their studies at a Canadian post-secondary school and remained in the nation thereafter in order to get job experience there and support the domestic economy.
  • Nepal alike Weather. Canada has some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery, including snow-capped mountains and huge grasslands, just like Nepal. The nation boasts a strong musical tradition and a rich cultural past, which add to its charm. These beautiful surroundings make it seem like home for Nepalese students.
  • Cultural Diversity. One of the main reasons Nepalese students chose to study in Canada is its diversity. More than 200 ethnic groups speak more than 200 languages in Canada. 

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What to do if Australia Student Visa gets Rejected? Valuable Tips

The first action is to find out why your visa was rejected. Then you may work on it so that it is not rejected the second time around. Wait for your student visa after you reapply, but don’t forget to look at alternatives if gaining a student visa from Australia becomes tough.

The second option is to look for alternatives, as accepting an Australian Student Visa has never been simple. In this case, Canada is the best alternative for Australia for students. It is not as tough as it is to apply to study abroad in other countries. Canada has various possibilities for students with a unique approach to education and a peaceful nation. 

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Can I apply to Canada after Visa rejection from Australia?

Canada can be an excellent alternative for Australia if you want a second option. Canada can be the best alternative for Australia if your student visa application was rejected in Australia due to various reasons.

Canada is also a bilingual nation, so you can get an education in English or French. Being blocked from one door did not deter access to the next. You can still apply to Canada after a visa rejection from Australia.

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Conclusion: Best Alternative for Australia for abroad study

Canada has a lot of top universities in the world that provide a high-quality education. Canada also provides opportunities for international students to work while they are studying and is much more welcoming than Australia. 

So, there is no doubt Canada is the best alternative for Australia for students who are recently rejected for an Australia Student visa due to various reasons. 

For more information on how to apply and other opportunities, contact the CIC Education Hub. Our advisors will assist you in using to study in Canada from Nepal.

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FAQs on How Canada can be the best alternative for Australia:

What is the best alternative for Australia if my Australian student visa gets rejected?

As a student, you should always have an alternative, even more so if you’re applying to study abroad. If an Australian student visa gets rejected, Canada is the best alternative for Australia for students whose Australian Student Visa gets rejected.

What are the top visa rejection reasons for Australia?

Even though the majority of visa applications are approved, there are a few reasons why one might be turned down. Some of the top visa rejection reasons for Australia include ineligibility, a lack of documentation or supporting evidence, issues with the character, health, or forged documents. 

Can I apply to Canada after visa rejection from Australia?

Yes, you can still apply to Canada after an Australian visa refusal. Canada is a multicultural country that welcomes international students to study in a variety of programs. The fact that one door was closed did not prevent entrance to the next.

Letter of Recommendation | How to Write a Letter of Recommendation?

Letter of Recommendation | How to Write a Letter of Recommendation?

Whether you are studying in your hometown or abroad, a Letter of Recommendation is a must. Because of the exceptional quality of applications, letters of recommendation play an important role in our admissions process. 

As a result of a standout candidate’s ability regarding how to write a letter of recommendation and afterward, as a well-written recommendation, a standout candidate might reveal traits that go beyond their individual self-advocacy.

In this blog, you will learn all about how to write a letter of recommendation

What is a Letter of Recommendation Or Recommendation Letter?

A Letter of Recommendation is a document that gives admissions personnel a thorough understanding of your qualifications for admission to the university in question. Its goal is for the recommender to paint a positive image of your experiences, accomplishments, contributions, and talents. For that purpose, it’s necessary to know how to write a letter of recommendation

A letter of recommendation is sincere support of a person for a certain position, reward, or admission into a program. Although the goal is to convey the letter’s content in the best light possible, the material must be given accurately.

Types of Letter of Recommendation 

There are several frequent reasons why someone would request a letter of recommendation. Every letter of recommendation has the same goal: to portray the individual as a perfect fit for the position or program they’re applying for. However, the best subjects to discuss in your letter fluctuate depending on the type.

There are three types of letters of recommendation; they are: 

Academic Recommendation Letters

When asked to write a recommendation letter for a student, the letter should highlight both their academic achievements and the personality traits that make them a good fit for the course or scholarship they’re seeking. They’re writing academic recommendation letters, and they have their own style of how to write a  letter of recommendation and mention things. 

There are various reasons why a student might need a letter of recommendation.

  • For applying to an undergraduate college abroad.
  • A specific academic program within a college, such as the honors program or a particular major.
  • While applying to graduate, medical, or law school abroad.
  • During a grant or scholarship.
  • While applying for an internship or fellowship.

Employment Recommendations

Employment recommendations are yet another type of letter of recommendation that is used for professional use. Such letters show the candidate’s academics and reviews from their previous workplace. Employment recommendations help to determine whether the candidate has those necessary skills for the hiring position or not, so employment recommendations are extremely important. 

Character References

A character reference is a letter of recommendation that you may receive after completing a course of study or job. It is carried out by someone who is familiar with you on a personal and professional level, such as your colleagues and teachers, and who is familiar with your work ethic, talents, personality, and character. Employers use character references to get to know you from a different viewpoint and to determine whether or not you have what they’re looking for.

Letter of Recommendation Format: Things to include in Letter of Recommendation

Different companies have different standards for how to write a letter of recommendation. Always check with the requester to see if there are any special guidelines. 

Before you start the content of the letter, you need to mention these things:

  • Date
  • Recipient Name
  • Recipient Title
  • Recipient Address
  • Greetings

The following components could be divided into the following components after mentioning the date, name, and other needed information on how to write a letter of recommendation:

If possible, address the addressee by a name such as Ms. or Mr. No creativity is needed here, and if you don’t know their first name, last name, or how to address them, just go with “To whom it may concern.” 

Personal Information

Begin the body of your letter with a personal introduction of yourself and your relationship with the candidate.


What qualifies the candidate as a great fit, according to your recommendation? Give particular examples of abilities or qualities that are appropriate for the position.

Include a personal narrative or example of what it’s like to work with the applicant. Also include professional or interpersonal abilities you’ve seen them have.


Give a summary of why you think this individual is a good fit for you in recommending the candidate. 

Information about how to contact

Give the recipient your email address and contact number so they may contact you.

At the end of the letter, you need to add your signature to complete your letter of recommendation.

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How to Write a Letter of Recommendation? Tips for Writing Letter of Recommendation

Before one creates a letter of recommendation, it’s a basic thing people miss; they don’t know how to properly write it. A letter of recommendation plays a huge role in a person’s life, and knowing how to write a letter of recommendation does a lot of good. 

A letter of recommendation must have a professional tone. It should be written in the same tone as an email to a business contact or a reference letter. It shouldn’t be written in the very same formal tone as an academic paper, but neither should it imply familiarity with the reader or appear like a casual letter.

Do your Research

Before you create one, do some research about the company the candidate is applying for, and if possible, the position too, and how they operate. 

Then you may add what sorts of talents, credentials, and accomplishments the candidate would want you to highlight. Find anything you believe will be beneficial, such as their CV, academic programs, or anything else you think they would want to include.

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Be Specific

To demonstrate why this individual is the greatest prospect, provide examples and detailed facts. Instead of using generic phrases or clichés, use powerful, exact adjectives.

Consider what the recipient of the letter would want to know. Include information or data that would not appear on a résumé or application. Your letter should provide information on the individual you’re suggesting to the receiver.

Maintain an Optimistic Attitude

Your endorsement should reaffirm that this individual is a good contender for the position for which they are seeking. Demonstrate genuine excitement and refrain from making any remarks that might be interpreted negatively, such as, “if you can draw a spectacular comparison between this individual and others with whom you’ve collaborated.”

Keep it Formal

Use a business letter format with a font size of twelve points in Arial or Times New Roman. If at all feasible, write the letter on the letterhead of your company or group. Keep in mind that the receiver is likely to read dozens, if not hundreds, of letters, so keep yours short and formal. Aim for one page at most, and no more than two.

Follow the Instructions

You’re recommending this individual, and you need to make sure to avoid any special submission criteria and submit your letter on time. If you create a good first impression with your letter, it will rub off on the individual you’re endorsing.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say “No.”

It’s fine to say no if you don’t believe you can provide a candidate with a great recommendation. A poor recommendation may frequently cause as much harm as a negative one. It’s completely fine to politely deny a request, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Mistakes to Avoid in the Letter of Recommendation

Even if someone knows how to write a letter of recommendation, they often add information that isn’t necessary, resulting in unfavorable outcomes. When planning a letter of recommendation, one should be aware of the mistakes to avoid.

  • General terminology or excessively broad descriptions of a student’s classroom performance.
  • Putting emphasis on a student’s timeliness or ability to finish the readings. Basic expectations should not be detailed in letters.
  • Avoid talking too much about your relationship with the person or the course. Mention some sentences detailing how you met the person and why the course is good for the person and they would do well in it. 
  • While subtle praise is fine, avoid talking or praising the student too much. 

Sample | Example of Letter of Recommendation for Nursing Student: Best LOR Samples

Date: 8th June 2022

Mr. Shrestha,

I am Sampurna Shakya, Head of Cardiology Department – BPKIHS. I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation to Maya Kafle for a seat in the MSc in Nursing at St.Mary’s university.

Maya is a Nursing student who has learned from us for the past four years during her study period. Along with her nursing skills, she is also good at music and she has a melody voice that she sometimes used to sing for patients to help them relax.

Maya has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from the B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS). She was able to come in on the first day and get right to work. Before an emergency, we spent a few days practicing with her. Maya was there right away, ready to help while also learning.

I can’t think of any nursing student that was as eager to learn as quickly as she was. With a high score in her exams and a good nurse during her practice, she had been on an amazing journey to be a nurse, Patients and staff also admired and respected her peaceful demeanor and great nursing skills, even though she was still studying. She’d be an excellent candidate for the master’s position at St. Mary’s University, in my opinion.

Maya comes highly recommended by me for a college seat at St. Mary’s University. Please contact me if you require any further information or have any queries.

Best Regards,

Sampurna Shakya

Cardiac Surgeon

B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS), Kathmandu

Conclusion: How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

A Letter of Recommendation plays a significant part in choosing one’s future, as they are no small matter if you know how to write a letter of recommendation.  While a letter of recommendation may appear to be unimportant at first glance, it is the most crucial component when applying to study abroad. 

With the CIC Education Hub, you will have no problem finding out how to write a letter of recommendation for studying in Canada. We have experts in avoiding mistakes and knowing the best way to write a Letter of Recommendation

If you want to learn more regarding the subject, we have also written extensive dedicated blog on SOP for Canada Student Visa from Nepal. SOP Samples for Canada

More related information:

FAQs on How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

What are the mistakes to avoid in a letter of recommendation?

It’s critical to remember that whoever is reading a text should be able to experience it. As a result, how to write a letter of recommendation. The recommender should use a friendly and calm tone. A chilly, dry tone detracts from the appeal of the letter of recommendation, and the reader loses interest as a result. 

Why should you say no to writing a recommendation letter?

– Not being willing and capable of devoting the necessary time.
– Not seeing enough of someone.
– Not being able to give a great recommendation

How long should a Letter of Recommendation be?

A recommendation letter should be clear and formal, but not too concise. Despite the fact that quality outweighs quantity, a letter of recommendation should be one page long, with a maximum of two pages.

How to write a letter of recommendation?

– A brief statement about yourself, your connection to the applicant, and your own experience or expertise.
– An assessment of the applicant’s qualities based on your personal experience and how they connect to the recipient.
– A personal narrative that explains one or two of the applicant’s characteristics.
– A concluding remark that explains why the person you’re suggesting is a good match for the job.
Your identity and contact details should be included in your signature.