Study in Canada at Bow Valley College

Study in Canada at Bow Valley College

Ready to embark on your Canadian college journey? Ms. Isha Shegal from Bow Valley College visited the CIC Education Hub, and her helpful insights made a big impact on everyone there. Her knowledge really helped make the event successful. We appreciate her taking part and hope to keep working together with Bow Valley College in the future.


In the world of education, working together and sharing ideas are really important for helping students in the future. On 23rd november 2023, We are lucky to have Ms. Isha Shegal from Bow Valley College. She brought a lot of knowledge to our already interesting group. The highlight of the day was a informative session “Bow Valley College’s Exclusive Admission Day” with Ms. Isha Shegal, scheduled from 2:30 to 3:30 PM.

The event Success:

Ms. Shegal made a really helpful contribution to the event with the best consultancy for Canada in Nepal, CIC Education Hub, making it a big success. She used her knowledge from Bow Valley College to talk about educational options, different programs, and the great experiences students can have. Attendees had the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the educational landscape, empowering them with information crucial for making informed decisions about their academic and professional futures.

Bow Valley College

Bow Valley College, located in Calgary, Alberta, is a leading Canadian institution that offers a diverse range of programs to meet the evolving needs of students. Bow Valley College is known for its inclusive and supportive learning environment, promoting student success. With a focus on hands-on training and industry-relevant curriculum, the college prepares graduates for the demands of the modern workforce. Explore your potential at Bow Valley College and thrive in your chosen field.

Ms. Isha Shegal talked on the diverse programs offered at Bow Valley College during this event, which includes:

  • Business Administration: Bow Valley College provides a variety of business programs, including Business Administration, Accounting, and Marketing. These programs are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed for success in the business world.
  • Health and Wellness: The college offers programs in Health Care Aide, Practical Nurse, and Pharmacy Technician, addressing the growing demand for healthcare professionals in the region.
  • Justice Studies: Bow Valley College’s Justice Studies programs include Criminal Justice, Correctional Studies, and Indigenous Pathways. These programs prepare students for careers in law enforcement, corrections, and related fields.
  • Technology: The Technology programs cover areas such as Information Technology, Software Development, and Network Systems Administration. These programs focus on providing students with the technical skills required in the rapidly evolving field of technology.
  • Creative Technologies: This category includes programs in areas like Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, and 3D Animation. These programs cater to students interested in creative and design-oriented careers.

Benefits of Study in Canada at Bow Valley College Event:

  1. Insightful Presence: Ms. Isha Shegal’s insights provided a deeper understanding of educational opportunities and career pathways.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Attendees had the chance to connect with professionals and peers, fostering valuable networking relationships.
  3. Pathways to Success: The event offered a roadmap for success, showcasing diverse programs that catered to a wide range of interests and career goals.
  4. Firsthand Insights: Participants gained firsthand insights into the educational experience, allowing them to make informed choices about their academic journey.
  5. Clarity: Event provide clarity on various aspects of studying abroad, from application processes to visa requirements and scholarships.
  6. Inspiration: The event served as a source of inspiration, motivating individuals to pursue their academic and career goals.


Bow Valley College’s Exclusive Admission Day at the CIC Education Hub was a resounding success, thanks to the insightful presence of Ms. Isha Shegal. he event gave people a chance to learn and opened doors for future partnerships and education empowerment. As we eagerly anticipate more teamwork, the event had a significant influence on guiding the educational paths of those who attended. It was a great opportunity for people to make smart decisions about their future education and actively explore the many possibilities available to them.

Study in Canada at Sheridan College

Study in Canada at Sheridan College

Are you a student in Nepal who’s thinking about studying in Canada from Nepal? If you are, that’s a great decision! Canada has a really good education system, lots of different cultures, and many chances for students from other countries.

A special seminar by Sheridan College was held in CIC Education Hub, to help you take your first step towards this exciting international journey. Though the event has already taken place, we want to share with you the success and the valuable insights it offered to participants.

The Seminar Success:

On 2nd November, 2023, an exciting seminar took place at the CIC Education Hub in Putalisadak, Kathmandu, where prospective students eager to study in Canada gathered to clear their doubts and learned about the opportunities at Sheridan College.

The seminar was conducted by Mr. Sandeep Rane, a seasoned education consultant with extensive knowledge of studying in Canada. His expertise in guiding students through the complex process of studying abroad made the event highly anticipated. The seminar provided attendees with comprehensive information about studying at Sheridan College and in Canada as a whole.

Sheridan College:

Sheridan College, situated in Ontario, Canada, is a well-known institution that provides a wide range of programs in various fields. The college is know for delivering quality education, fostering a diverse student community, and establishing strong industry connections. Students at Sheridan College benefit from a dynamic and innovative learning environment, where they gain practical skills and knowledge in their chosen careers.

During the seminar, Mr. Sandeep Rane talked on the diverse programs offered at Sheridan College, which include but are not limited to:

  1. Arts and Humanities: Sheridan College offers programs in visual arts, film, animation, and design, giving students the opportunity to unleash their creativity and passion.
  2. Business and Finance: Aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals can choose from a variety of business-related programs that equip them with the skills necessary for success in the corporate world.
  3. Health Sciences: Sheridan College provides cutting-edge programs in healthcare, preparing students for rewarding careers in areas such as nursing and medical laboratory technology.
  4. Technology and Engineering: With programs in software development, electrical engineering, and more, students can dive into the world of technology and innovation.

Highlights of Study in Canada at Sheridan College Event:

The event was a resounding success. Here are some of the highlights:

  • In-Depth Knowledge: Mr. Sandeep Rane, the representative of Sheridan College, gave a really interesting and helpful talk to the students. Attendees were able to learn about the academic programs, admission procedures, and various scholarships available at Sheridan College.
  • Interactive Session: The seminar gave chance to the attendees to have direct interactive Q&A session with Mr. Sandeep Rane and received personalized advice. This created a dynamic and engaging atmosphere, with students leaving the event more informed and confident in their choices.
  • Networking Opportunities:People who participated had the opportunity to meet others interested in the same things, including students who were also striving to study in Canada from Nepal. Making new friends can be really helpful as you start your journey to study in another country.
  • Clarity: Seminars provide clarity on various aspects of studying abroad, from application processes to visa requirements and scholarships.
  • Inspiration: Attending such events can be inspiring. It can ignite your passion for studying in a foreign country and encourage you to take the necessary steps to achieve your goals.

Participants of the Event:

A wide range of people attended the event, including recent graduates, under graduates, and high school students. Their goal was to pursue their dreams of Canada study. After listening to Mr. Sandeep Rane’s informative talk, the attendees were eager to learn more about the opportunities that Sheridan College presents.

Mr. Sandeep Rane, the College representative of Sheridan College, shared his wealth of knowledge to study in Canada from Nepal. He provided detailed information about Sheridan College, its programs, and the benefits of studying in Canada. He discussed the academic and career opportunities that awaited the attendees in a country known for its high-quality education and welcoming environment.


The seminar organized by Sheridan College at the CIC Education Hub was a big success. It helped students from Nepal who want to study in Canada by giving them guidance and motivation. We hope you found the seminar inspiring and interesting. If you missed this seminar, look out for more events in the future where you can connect with more college representatives and clear your doubts. Starting your journey to study in Canada can be very exciting. CIC Education, the best consultancy in Nepal for Canada is always there to help for their international journey and these seminars are a great first step.

Benefits to study in Canada from Nepal

Benefits to study in Canada from Nepal

In recent times, Canada has become a popular place for students from Nepal who wish to study abroad. Canada is known for its friendly atmosphere, excellent education, and many opportunities, making it a great choice for Nepali students looking to further their studies.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the Benefits to study in Canada from Nepal, explaining why many Nepali students prefer to choose Canada for top-notch education and an exciting cultural experience.

Why study in Canada from Nepal?

Canada is well known for its excellent educational system, housing a number of top-tier universities and colleges that are regularly ranked in the top 100 worldwide. With the wide variety of programs offered by these institutions, students are sure to find the ideal course of study to fit their interests and professional.

Furthermore, Nepalese students find themselves in a friendly and inclusive environment in Canada. A path to a better future is provided by the nation’s immigration laws, which make it relatively simpler for graduates to get work permits and eventually become permanent residents. The breathtaking natural scenery, secure cities, and excellent standard of living in Canada further expands the overall study abroad experience.

What are the benefits to study in Canada from Nepal?

There are numerous benefits to study in Canada from Nepal. Here are some reasons:

Quality Education:

Many Nepali students go to Canada for their education because Canada is famous for having really good schools and colleges. Canadian universities and colleges are known for being excellent and having high-quality standards. They often score well in worldwide university rankings, and degrees from Canada are respected all over the world.

Nepali students can choose from a wide range of programs and institutions in Canada, catering to various academic interests and career goals. Whether you’re interested in business, engineering, healthcare, or the arts, there is a Canadian institution that can provide a top-notch education in your chosen field.

Work Opportunities:

Studying in Canada is a good idea because it not only gives you a good education but also lets you work while you study and even more during your breaks if you’re from Nepal. This way, you can gain experience, make some money to help with your living costs. Plus, after you finish your studies, Canada has options that let you work there for a while, which is a great chance to get experience and maybe become a permanent resident.

Permanent Residency Pathway:

Studying in Canada not only offers a great education but also valuable work opportunities. Canada’s immigration-friendly policies are well-known, and studying in Canada can open up a pathway to permanent residency.

The Canadian government recognizes the value of international students and the contribution they make to the country, making it easier for them to stay and build their careers in Canada after completing their studies.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance:

Many Canadian universities and colleges offer scholarships, grants, and financial aid programs for international students, including those from Nepal. These opportunities can significantly reduce the financial burden of studying abroad and make higher education in Canada more accessible.

Diverse Study Options:

Canada has a lot of different people from all over the world, and its schools are the same way. They have different college that can teach you a lot of things, like bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and even doctorate degrees. This means you can learn what you love and get a good education.

Post-Study Work Opportunities:

Canada’s post-graduate work permit program allows international students who have completed their studies to work in Canada. This program can provide a valuable bridge between education and employment. It enables Nepali students to gain Canadian work experience and potentially qualify for permanent residency in the country, making Canada an attractive destination for those looking to establish their careers.


Studying in Canada from Nepal offers numerous benefits that extend beyond a high-quality education. CIC Education Hub stands as the best consultancy in Nepal for Canada for achieving your dream in Canada. Canada offers Nepali students a well-rounded international educational experience with its safe, welcoming, and diverse society, as well as career opportunities and pathways to permanent residency. For Nepali students, Canada opens doors to a world of opportunities as a nation that values innovation and multiculturalism. Therefore, if you’re a Nepali student thinking about studying overseas, Canada might be the best place for you to begin your successful journey.


Can I Work While Studying in Canada as a Nepali student?

Yes, Nepali students studying in Canada can work part-time during their studies and full-time during scheduled breaks.

What are the admission requirements for Nepali students in Canadian universities?

Admission requirements vary by institution and program. You’ll need to provide academic transcripts, English language proficiency test scores (like IELTS or TOEFL), and a statement of purpose.

What are the costs of studying in Canada as a Nepali student?

Tuition fees vary depending on the program and institution. On average, international students in Canada can expect to pay between CAD 15,000 to CAD 35,000 per

Are there scholarships available for Nepali students in Canada?

Yes, many Canadian universities offer scholarships and financial aid to international students, including Nepal. It’s important to research and apply for scholarships offered by your chosen institution and external organizations.