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masters in global management in Canada

In today’s market, International Business Professionals must have a perspective influenced by both practical experience and academic knowledge. The optimum blend of job-ready abilities for managing and leading in the global marketplace’s complicated and varied culture is the study of Masters in Global Management in Canada.

Want to find out more or have questions about the Master of Global Management in Canada? In this blog, you will get a detailed overview of studying Masters in Global Management in Canada.

What is Global Management?

Global management is a specialized field of business leadership that focuses on the quality of managing and cooperating people, resources, facilities, and strategies on a global scale to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. This involves how companies handle hiring, marketing, finance, sales, and other critical tasks on a global scale.

The Masters in Global Management in Canada provides you with an international business management education that allows you to develop and demonstrate the abilities needed to manage across borders and cultures, around the world.

Why study Masters in Global Management in Canada? Top Benefits

The majority of people are unaware that Canada has more advanced technology than 

they believe. Many minds come up with brilliant ideas in a country full of people from all over the world, where “two heads are better than one,” as the adage says. There are opportunities everywhere, and Canada, as a thriving country, can supply more than one might expect.

Canada has immense potential for success in a wide range of fields, from little accomplishments to major triumphs. Without a doubt, students from all over the globe come to Canada for the same reason: to find the finest. It is not concealed that Canada has one of a kind education system, with a lovely and safe place to live, and that it is home to varied cultures and a naturally beautiful environment.

There are several reasons why a person should study Masters in Global Management in Canada and be happy in the future. The following are some of the advantages of studying Masters in Global Management in Canada:

Work While Studying

Unlike students in other countries, students in Canada can work while studying and are not needed to get a work visa. This is unquestionably useful for people considering studying Masters in Global management in Canada. During this period, individuals may work in certain offices to learn more about the business world and gain firsthand experience.

High Demand for Global Management 

Global Management students is in high demand in Canada due to the country’s booming business. Students studying Global Management at Canadian institutions would have access to a wide range of professionals, as well as cutting-edge business growth strategies and instructional programs.

Growth has been fueled by new technology and Canada’s growing popularity, and students studying Global Management in Canada are well-positioned and in high demand.

High-Paying Jobs

After completing their studies, international students in Canada can stay and work for a set period of time, allowing them to create their careers and earn a good wage.

In Canada, you may pursue a wide choice of work opportunities, the most of which are well-paying. It is one of the reasons why you should study for a Masters in Global Management in Canada.

Masters in Global Management in Canada: Admission Requirements

Masters in Global Management in Canada: Eligibility Requirements 

-> Be a fully immunized traveler.

  • You do not need to get fully vaccinated if you are under the age of 18. You must attend a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) that has an approved COVID-19 readiness strategy.

-> Apply for a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)

-> Demonstrate your financial stability.

  • To pay for your tuition and living expenses in Canada, as well as any family members that join you,
  • Return transportation for you and any family members traveling with you to Canada.

-> Comply with the Law and Orders

Masters in Global Management in Canada: Language Proficiency  

-> Score 6.5 in each of the four IELTS sections.

  • Reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

-> It is a plus point if you know French.

  • French is the first language of half of Canadians.
  • Some academic institutions favor French.

Masters in Global Management in Canada: Financial Documents 

  • Evidence that funds have been sent to your Canadian bank account.
  • To pay tuition and living expenses, you must have adequate cash in the form of bank savings or an education loan.
  • Should be able to provide proof of paid tuition and housing fees.
  • Documents of a student loan (if required)
  • Bank statements that are more than four months old are not acceptable.
  • A bank draft demonstrating that tuition and housing expenses have been met
  • CA report and two MRP photographs
  • If a scholarship is awarded, proof of funding is required.
  • Bank statements, salary, housing rent, business, agriculture, or any other variable income are examples of income records. (45+ lakhs if you’re going solo, and 65+ lakhs if you’re going dependent)

Masters in Global Management in Canada: Other Documents 

  • Clean Medical and police reports 
  • Passport
  • Letter of Acceptance
  • Statement of Purpose 

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Masters in Global Management in Canada: Top Universities and Colleges

Canada’s name has been gained through hard work and a unique approach to education that makes it more approachable and interesting. While a master’s degree in global management is not an easy subject to learn or obtain, Canada draws a huge number of international students each year to study this subject.

The following are some Canadian universities and colleges that provide global management courses to students:

S/NTop Universities | CollegesProgram OfferedTime Duration Average Tuition Fees
1Humber College Graduate Certificate in Global Business Management2 years CAD 15,000 to 19,000 
2Centennial College Graduate Certificate in Global Business Management2 years CAD 13,000 to 17,000 
3Georgian College Graduate Certificate in Global Business Management2 years CAD 17,000 to 20,000 
4Royal Roads University Master of Global Management 2 years CAD 30,000 to 34,000 
5Fleming College Graduate Certificate in Global Business Management 2 years CAD 16,000 to 20,000 
6Sault College Graduate Certificate in Global Business Management 2 years CAD 14,000 to 17,000 

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Study Masters in Global Management in Canada with Scholarship

Canada is one of the most popular study destinations for international students; yet, tuition is indeed not cheap but affordable, and it may be costly when other expenses are taken into account. Scholarships are forms of financial aid given to overseas students studying in Canada. When studying in a foreign country far from home, students face challenges.

Scholarships for overseas students studying in Canada are extremely competitive and limited, however they will assist students during their stay. Scholarships are available in Canada for students from a variety of academic backgrounds.

International students studying at Canadian institutions can apply for scholarships. Some of them are: :

  • International Student Support Contest 2023/2024
  • The GPR Leadership Scholarship 
  • WWC Scholarships Programme (World Council of Churches)

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Career after Masters in Global Management in Canada: Top Jobs in Canada

International students studying in Canada have a plethora of work prospects, and they have around three years to stay in the country after completing their Masters in Canada and take advantage of all of them. Canada has unlimited employment opportunities for one who know where and how to find them. 

After obtaining a Master’s degree in Canada, one may find a variety of occupations, ranging from entry-level to internationally recognized positions. Canada provides everything one needs.

Some of the career opportunities to consider after Masters in Global Management in Canada are as follows:

Human Resource Manager Jobs in Canada

Human resources Manager in Canada recruits and hire people, meet with executives to discuss organizational goals, and serve as a liaison between upper management and employees. 

International Human Resource Manager in Canada deals with workforce diversity, legal restrictions, and the connection between training and professional advancement on a global scale. They verify that all legal obligations, including labor and tax rules, are met all around the world.

The average annual income for a Human Resources Manager in Canada is CAD 71,000.

Global Business Marketing Manager Jobs in Canada

As a Global Marketing Marketing Manager in Canada, one will be in charge of promoting your company’s products or services all over the world. You could collaborate with other marketing experts to create content, do market research, and devise tactics to boost corporate sales.

Global Business Marketing Manager in Canada earns in the range of CAD 55,000 to 70,000 per year.

Financial Analyst Jobs in Canada

Financial Analyst in Canada creates reports, oversees investment operations, and formulates strategic plans to support a company’s long-term financial goals. They blend the technical and interpersonal abilities required to improve the bottom line of their firm.

As investment grows increasingly worldwide, multinational corporations want financial analysts that are fluent in the language, culture, surroundings, and politics of the region. International analysts must comprehend how global currencies, diplomatic, and stock exchanges affect the bottom line of their organization.

The average annual income for a Financial Analyst in Canada is CAD 60,000.

International Business Policy Analyst Jobs in Canada

International Business Policy Analyst in Canada investigates difficult topics and makes recommendations on a range of political subjects, including homeland security, healthcare, and environmental policy. They investigate governments, political trends, legal frameworks, and other related topics, and their findings help to shape public policy.

Global policy analysts usually concentrate on one or more areas of global relationships, such as global commerce, global corporate policies, national security, international economics, and international law.

International Business Policy Analysts in Canada make up to range from CAD $42,,000 to CAD $119,500 per year.

Management Analysts Jobs in Canada

Management Analysts in Canada develop one-of-a-kind techniques for increasing a company’s efficiency. They assist senior management on how to improve business performance by addressing organizational challenges such as exploring a new market expansion strategy or executing a new operations strategy.

The national average compensation for a Management Analyst in Canada is $74,000 per year.

Global Business Economist Jobs in Canada

Global Business Economist in Canada analyzes data, formulates ideas, and evaluates economic issues to investigate the production and movement of resources, products, and services. They operate in many different disciplines, including education, development, and wellness.

International economists study worldwide concerns such as international customers ’ requirements for certain goods and services in order to assist a firm boost its revenues.

The average salary of a Global Business Economist in Canada is approximately CAD 60,000 to 110,000 per year.

You might need to know to live in Canada:


Canada is a world leader in education and provides more job options than anyone could imagine. Everything a person needs to study global management in Canada is available, including a safe country with clean, fresh air and a healthy environment.

And the CIC Education Hub is here to assist you in fulfilling your dream of pursuing a Masters in Global Management in Canada.

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FAQs on Masters in Global Management in Canada

Is a Masters in Global Management in Canada worth it?

When it comes to pursuing a Masters in Global Management in Canada, the country stands out as a top choice because of its Internationally Recognized Program Structure, Affordable Tuition Fees, and Higher Employability rates in fields such as International Management, Trade-in Multinational Corporations.

How much does it cost to study Masters in Global Management in Canada?

The cost of pursuing a Masters in Global Management in Canada varies depending on the college. It varies depending on the college and the program, but the typical price to study Masters in Global management in Canada is between CAD $10,000 and CAD $35,000 per year.

What jobs can I get after my Masters in Global Management in Canada?

There will be several opportunities after completing Masters in Global Marketing in Canada, some of them are: 
– Global Business Marketing Manager 
– International Business Policy Analyst 
– Business Development Executive 
– Human Resource Manager
– Global Business Economist

How long do masters in Global Management in Canada take?

Masters Programs in Canada take time and vary from college to college, thus there is no set time frame for them. However, a Masters in Global Marketing in Canada usually takes 1 to 2 years.

How To Apply for 2024 Intakes?

  • Interested students can apply online.
  •  Await the university’s response.
  • Upon acceptance, you’ll receive your official Letter of Offer.
  •  Once you have your offer letter, pay the first semester’s tuition and ancillary fees in full.
  • The college will provide a receipt.
  •  Apply for your Canadian Study Permit/Visa and Co-op Study Permit.
  • If needed, submit your application for residence.

If you are looking forward to applying for College or any of university of Canada, please feel free to contact us.

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    There is no difference between the qualifications you get in January and September Intake. Canada’s Winter Intake, also known as the Secondary Intake, begins in January. But most universities offer all of their courses in the Fall/September Intake, which is the main intake, and the January Intake is for students who missed out in the Fall Intake.

    For undergraduate and diploma programs, a study visa in Canada needs a minimum score of 5.5 in each of the four IELTS bands, with an aggregate minimum score of 6.0 or higher to enhance your chances of receiving a Visa.

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    Yes, Study gap is accepted in Canada. You need to provide the necessary documents to justify your involvement in some organization or institute equivalent to the gap period. But it’s always better to have less or no gap when you are applying to study in Canada.