How Much Does It Cost To Study In Canada in 2024 | CIC Education Hub

How Much Does It Cost To Study In Canada in 2024 | CIC Education Hub

Studying in Canada can be expensive as compared to studying in your own country, especially for international students. While talking about how much does it cost to study in Canada, we need to consider various factors apart from just tuition fees. These factors may be costs related to living and accommodation, relaxation and refreshment, insurance, etc.

So, In this blog, we will provide you with a piece of in-depth information regarding how much does it cost to study in Canada. You might be delighted to know that Canada offers the lowest tuition fees as compared to countries like Uk and the USA. So, let’s get started with the tuition fees.

Tuition Fees In Canada

Know About Tuition Fees in Canada

Your tuition fees mainly depend on the type of program or course you choose and the college or university you want to study in. Generally, tuition fees for studying in colleges or universities in Canada ranges approximately between CAD 7,000 to CAD 29,000 per year. If you are wondering about how much does it cost to study in Canada and are looking for cheaper courses, you can go to subjects like humanities, education, arts, etc.

However, if tuition fees are not your concern, you can go for courses like medicine, engineering, etc. The tuition fees for these courses are comparatively expensive. Also, if you are looking forward to pursuing your postgraduate level in Canada, the tuition fees are usually higher and depend highly on the program main you choose. The cost of MBA programs is around CAD 42,000.

Cost Of Masters In Canada For International Students

Cost of Masters in Canada for International Students

The cost of pursuing a Masters’s in Canada for international students is still cheaper compared to other countries all around the world. So, how much does it cost to study in Canada if you want to study masters in Canada? The average cost of a master’s in Canada for international students was around CAD 7056 in the academic year 2021-22. This cost includes semester costs as well as administrative charges of the university. Since universities in Canada can set their own tuition fees, this cost may vary depending on the universities. Also, the cost of studying for an Executive MBA in Canada is about CAD 56,328.

Tuition fees for popular Master’s degree in Canada:

  • Masters in Business & Management: 2,150 – 52,700 CAD/year
  • Masters in Computer Science & IT: 2,150 – 52,500 CAD/year
  • Masters in Engineering & Technology: 2,150 – 52,500 CAD/year
  • Masters in Medicine & Health: 2,150 – 58,300 CAD/year
  • Masters in Social Sciences: 2,150 – 37,000 CAD/year

Cost Of Bachelor Degree In Canada

The average tuition fees for undergraduate international students in Canada for the academic year 2019/20 was CA$29714 (~US$22,500) per year. Depending on the course and university you choose, the tuition fees range from CAD 550 to CAD 30,000 CAD per year. However, please note that courses like Bachelors in Medicine, Engineering, and Social Science tend to be more expensive ones.

Tuition costs for popular disciplines:

  • Bachelors in Business & Management: 550 – 56,000 CAD/year
  • Bachelors in Computer Science & IT: 1,535 – 55,500 CAD/year
  • Bachelors in Engineering & Technology: 1,350 – 55,000 CAD/year
  • Bachelors in Social Sciences: 1,025 – 56,000 CAD/year
  • Bachelors in Natural Sciences: 1,780 – 53,000 CAD/year

Cost of Ph.D. Degree In Canada

Cost of PHD Degree in Canada

Just like for other degrees, the cost for a Ph.D. degree in Canada also varies with the courses and universities. In most of the universities in Canada, the cost of pursuing a Ph.D. in Canada for international students will be twice that of fees for Canadian nationals. But, the University of Toronto has the same tuition fees for international as well as national students.

For example, for Ph.D. in Canada, the University of British Columbia charges CA$7,641 (~US$5,760) per year for Masters by Research or PhDs, while PhDs are CA$$10,240 (~US$7,700) in years one and two at the University of Manitoba.

Cost Of Medical Degree In Canada

The average cost of a medical degree in Canada is considered to be very affordable compared to other countries. So, how much does it cost to study in Canada if you want to study medicine? The cost for a medical degree in Canada ranges between CAD 40,000 to CAD 55,000 per year. This cost includes both tuition fees as well as living expenses.

Also, the best part about studying medicine in Canada is that students willing to study medicine in Canada do not take additional screening tests or exams to practice medicine in their hometown. Having talked about tuition fees in Canada, now we will talk about scholarship in Canada for international students.

Scholarship In Canada For International Students

how much does it cost to study in canada with Scholarship in Canada for International Students

Most international students consider Canada for their higher studies because of the scholarship programs the country provides for international students. With this comes the question of how much does it cost to study in Canada and which universities provide scholarships. Colleges and universities in Canada also provide scholarships for international students in Canada. These scholarships are non-repayable financial rewards that are granted to students with outstanding academic achievement.

Please note that the scholarship funding for international students is very limited, highly competitive, and provided mostly for postgraduate level.

While applying for scholarships, you need to check the eligibility criteria to understand if you qualify for the scholarship application. Also, the scholarship type and amount depend on individual institutions. You can also find various scholarship opportunities like scholarships in Canada for bachelor’s, scholarships in Canada for masters, MBBS in Canada on scholarship, Ph.D. scholarships in Canada, etc.

For Detail Information:

Cheap Universities In Canada

Many international students choose to study in Canada with regard to its low tuition prices, ease and comfort of living, and the great reputation of the universities. If you have a limited budget and need to choose a university in Canada will low tuition fees, then this list of 10 cheap universities in Canada will be very useful for you.

10 Cheap Universities In Canada

how much does it cost to study in canada with Cheap Universities in Canada
  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • McMaster University
  • University of Montreal
  • Brandon University
  • Université de Saint-Boniface
  • University of Guelph
  • Canadian Mennonite University
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland

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