Best Part Time Jobs in Canada for Students 2024

Best Part Time Jobs in Canada for Students 2024

Education System of Canada is well-known among International Students for being high-quality, innovative, as well as reasonably priced. It is not that easy to live in a foreign land without a source of income whether it’s for education or something else. That’s why in this blog, we are going to explore about best part time jobs in Canada for students.

Though education is not excessively expensive, money is necessary for survival in Canada. Many families find it difficult to support their children while transferring money from their home country. And students do part time jobs while studying in Canada to ensure a better life.

As an international student, you must pay for housing, food, and other required expenditures. Part time jobs in Canada allow you to pay your expenses while simultaneously learning new skills. It also helps students become financially independent and give a clear idea of the working environment.

Why should you do Part Time Jobs in Canada While Studying? 

Part time jobs in Canada are a great opportunity for students who want to do something, be someone. But along with high-quality education, funds are also necessary for a better future. In order to survive in Canada, a student must do some sort of part time job as it provides a person with work experience along with the knowledge of the office environment. 

Housing, food expenses, traveling requires funds, and depending on the state you’re residing it can be both expensive and affordable. Also, part time jobs allow students to work with people with different thoughts and attitudes, making it challenging for students.

Learning New Skills

Part time jobs in Canada help students to develop new skills that they would not have learned in a university or college environment. This can benefit the growth of your profession, the improvement of your resume, and the improvement of your abilities.

Obtaining Financial Independence

Working part-time can help International students become financially independent while also teaching them how to manage their money properly without guidance.

Time Organisation

While studying in Canada, one must divide their time between classes, part time employment, and networking with other students. Students will be familiar with organizing time for various activities.

Creating a Professional Network

One of the benefits of working part time jobs in Canada for students is the opportunity to expand one’s networking opportunities. Even if it’s not your work of interest you are still learning how to build networks.

Gaining job Experience

Working part-time allows you to gain work knowledge and build your resume. This might help one stand out while applying for internships or other employment. Employers like to hire people who have some job experience. However, job experience displays to a supervisor that a person is capable of multitasking, and that’s a plus point for the future.

Top High Paying Part Time Jobs in Canada for Students 

Part time jobs in Canada require fewer hours per week than a full-time job and provide flexible working shifts. Shifts are often rotated, and individuals are considered part-time if they don’t work full-time, which is 30 hours per week in Canada. Full-time students are permitted to work in their universities without obtaining a work permit. Whereas International students can work up to 20 hours a week during the academic year and up to 40 hours a week during vacations. Depending on the work, individuals might earn anywhere from CAD $8 to CAD $30 per hour.

Part time jobs in Canada are an option for international students in Canada, and they can assist them to fulfil both educational and living expenses to some extent. It also allows them to earn valuable Canadian dollars and work experience which will come in handy during their future days.

Part Time Jobs in Canada: Freelancer

A Freelancer is a self-employed worker who is paid on a per-job or per-task basis. Freelancing can be within any field of work like sketching, writing, animating, web development, or something else in Canada. The average freelancing pay in Canada is somewhere between CAD $16 to CAD $40 per hour.

The opportunity to work from home, a flexible schedule, and a good working balance are all advantages of freelancing

Part Time Jobs in Canada: Barista

In a coffee shop or cafe, a Barista, sometimes known as a Coffee Bar Attendant, is in charge of making and serving coffee and other beverages to clients. Their responsibilities include assisting other Baristas in taking orders, making beverages, and providing quick service to clients.

Since Canada is home to different cultures, each with its distinct taste, there is a high need for competent baristas. A barista job is perfect for students who study and work part time jobs in Canada since it pays well, around CAD $14 to CAD $20 per hour.

Part Time Jobs in Canada: Translator

A Translator job is one of the greatest opportunities as one of the part time jobs in Canada, home to various cultures and languages. Translators convert written texts or anything into another language from one. An article written in the English language is being translated into French, an example of translation. 

A Translator job always teaches you new things, also it makes their language abilities broad. In Canada, the average pay for a translator is around CAD $20 to CAD $30 per hour.

Part Time Jobs in Canada: Content Writer

Content writing is the process of creating, publishing, and editing web content for different content formats such as video scripts, youtube video descriptions, or tweets on Twitter.

Being a content writer, you may work from anywhere at any time. Content writers are in high demand, especially in business and marketing. If you want to study in Canada while working part-time, but aren’t sure what to do, content writing is one of the best possibilities for high-paying part time jobs in Canada.

As a result, you can make a lot of money through your writing, from around CAD $25 to CAD $40 per hour. It is entirely up to you like the pay range increase or decreases depending on your skill and experience.

Part Time Jobs in Canada: Jobs in the Library | Librarian Assistant

Working at a library is a wonderful way for students to earn money while studying in Canada. Part-time employment at a library may be one of the most well-known and well-paying part time jobs in Canada. 

A library’s work includes organizing and safeguarding the library’s collections and that includes assisting visitors with research, organizing library items for easy access, maintaining stock levels, and placing visitor orders.

The average library pay in Canada is approximately CAD $25 to CAD $35 per hour. This employment allows students to learn while also assisting others in many ways. Working at a library is one of the part time jobs that pay well for college students in Canada.

Part Time Jobs in Canada: Food Server, Cafeteria Worker, and Bartender

A Restaurant Waiter takes orders, assists with customer service and cleaning, sells food and beverages, collects money, communicates orders with the kitchen staff, makes seat customers, and assists with customer service and cleaning. A waiter or waitress is sometimes known as a server.

Because tipping is often paid on top of minimum wage, waiter pay in Canada is particularly high. However, in Canada, the minimum wage is CAD $9 per hour in Quebec, with Albertans earning up to CAD $15 per hour.

Part Time Jobs in Canada: Ridesharing driver

What exactly is a RideShare driver?

Drivers for ride-hailing services bring clients to their destinations, and they may also pick up to deliver food orders. The flexibility in work location and durations make this job appealing. 

Students must be at least 21 years old for this job. This job needs Canadian work authorization to work as an Uber driver. Working as an Uber/ride-sharing driver, on the other hand, may allow you to earn a driver’s license. This also makes it easier for foreigners to find possible work in Canada.

The hourly wage for an Uber Delivery Driver in Canada is roughly CAD $20 per hour, which is comparable to the national average wage. 

Part Time Jobs in Canada: Tutor | Instructor

Tutoring is undoubtedly one of the most appealing part time jobs in Canada for overseas students. Tutoring can be to school children, as a part-time teacher at school, or to friends and classmates from university who may want assistance

As this work includes conveying thoughts and ideas to others, research is essential. You would not only be earning money for yourself, but you would also be making a difference by helping others. 

You should get around CAD $20 to CAD $25 per hour for private instruction from a student or teaching assistant. You will earn more after a set time and experience, such as $40 per hour or more. Private tutoring prices may also vary depending on where you live and the type of tutoring you provide.

How to find Part time jobs in Canada?

There are several opportunities for International Students to do part time jobs in Canada. You may ask your friends, classmates, or teachers if they know any company or person for it.

Do your homework; investigate the market you’re familiar with for potential employers, salary packages, and, most important, the abilities they’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a career or your dream job, you’re undoubtedly looking through job advertisements on the internet. And what are the best job search websites in Canada? Are particular work sites better than others, or are you seeking possibilities in specialized fields? Let’s find out.

Here are some of the best Canadian Job Search websites to assist you in locating employment that may be of interest to you.

Site for Part Time Jobs in Canada: Indeed

Indeed is a well-known website for anybody looking for a job in Canada. It works as a ‘job aggregator,’ bringing offers from a variety of employment sites together on one platform.

Here, you can visit Indeed.

Site for Part Time Jobs in Canada: LinkedIn

This massive worldwide Job Networking Platform also functions as one of the most effective jobs search engines on the internet. Because of its sheer size and reach, it’s an excellent platform to look for work online. LinkedIn includes a plethora of services that assist job seekers.

To receive timely information on job openings, you may set personalized job postings, join groups related to your sector and area, and follow organizations

Here, you can visit LinkedIn.

Site for Part Time Jobs in Canada: Eluta

Eluta is the official job-search portal for Canada’s Top 100 Employers. Because they have more positions directly classified than any other Canadian internet recruiting site, you can find unadvertised work that is not posted anywhere else. Eluta also provides independent editorial reviews of the work conditions of organizations. You might also hunt for jobs with companies that share your vision.

Here, you can visit Eluta.

Site for Part Time Jobs in Canada: Jobillico

Jobillico Canada has hundreds of potential employers with full business factsheets which include career opportunities, corporate media, events, photographs, and videos, allowing users to discover everything they need to know about them. 

This job search portal is user-friendly enough to display job openings that match your qualifications and to submit your resume to firms looking for people like you. Simply upload your resume and let Jobillico do the rest.

Here, you can create Jubillico account.


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CIC always thrives to help their students in their study permit processing and guides them to get part time jobs in Canada for their future betterment. Job seeking is a little difficult while still in Nepal but a little research and guidance can help you in your plans after you reach Canada.

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FAQs on Best Part Time jobs in Canada for Students in 2024

How to find part time jobs in Canada?

Part time jobs in Canada may be located on a variety of job-searching websites available online. Talking to instructors, students, and friends can also be beneficial since they may be aware of or recommend possibilities.

How much can international students earn through part time jobs in Canada?

It varies depending on where they live and what kind of part time jobs in Canada they’re looking for. An international student, on the other hand, may make up to $15 to $35 per hour on average.

Is it easy to get a job in Canada while studying in 2024?

You can work at university or outside of it. There are several career options for students working part time in Canada. If determined, one can easily find part jobs in Canada.

What are the best part time jobs for students in Canada?

Students can work part time jobs in Canada while studying, and they have many possibilities since the country offers a range of opportunities such as :
– Freelancing
– Content writing
– Barista
– Tutor