Things You Need To Know About Post Graduate Diploma In Canada

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Doesn’t really matter what course you’re looking to get enrolled in, Canada will prove to be the ideal destination for higher education. Canada is one of the top choices of students all over the world for foreign degrees. Anyone looking to join undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral courses could apply at a Canadian University. Study in Canada is an increasingly popular option for students who seek to achieve qualitative education at an affordable price.

An equally popular course among the students looking to attain an advanced degree is Post Graduate Diploma. Generally, these courses are skill-based and span a duration of 1 year. Candidates who have either completed their graduate or undergraduate level could join these courses, and attain the degree.

Best Post Graduate Diploma Courses in Canada

In Southeast Asian Countries, Post Graduate generally means Masters level, and Graduate means Bachelors Levels. However, in North America and many European countries, Undergraduate is the term used to refer to Bachelors’s, Graduate is the term used to refer to Masters’s, and Post Graduate is used to referring to Doctoral or Ph.D. courses. There are so many interesting Masters’s level courses that one can join in Canada. Some of them are as follows.

Business Management

Best Post Graduate Diploma Courses in Canada

Business Management is one of the most popular courses in the world, and not just in Canada. Today’s world is all about startups and innovative business strategies. Looking to meet the demands of this digitized world, Canadian Universities offer highly relevant business management related courses. The curricula are designed in a way that the candidates are able to obtain not just conceptual knowledge but also practical one. There are hundreds of universities and educational institutions across Canada that offer such courses. Even scholarships are offered to talented ones.

Hospitality Management

Canadian Universities don’t just offer excellent courses but state-of-the-art infrastructures to the hospitality management students. They get to learn from industry experts and visit the top-level hospitality service providers across the country. With a Canadian degree in hospitality management, the candidates are eligible to apply for a more advanced degree in any university around the world or a job in top companies that offer such services. There are different universities across Canada that offer the course. They also provide exciting scholarships.

Health Science 

Health Science is yet another extremely popular graduate-level course in Canada. Not just the Canadians, but also the students from all over the world enroll in health science-related courses. This is one of such fields that is quite promising when it comes to job opportunities. Not just in Canada, but around the world!

Information Technology 

courses for post graduate diploma in canada

It can’t be denied that any sector today is incomplete without Information Technology. Technicians with graduate-level Information Technology degrees fit in all the possible sectors. It is for the same reason that the courses related to this field are so popular. May it be wireless networking, cybersecurity, or something else. George Brown College, St. Stephens College, Luther College, Cambrian college, and so on are considered some of the best institutions for such courses in Canada.

Science And Engineering 

Acquiring a graduate degree either in the field of pure science or engineering is a dream come true for students not just from around the world, but also the Canadians. Canadian Universities are considered some of the best in the world for offering graduate degrees in science and engineering. A few of the top universities in Canada that offer such courses include the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, the University of Alberta, the University of Prince Edward Island, and so on.

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Colleges That Offer Post Graduate Diploma In Canada 

post graduate in Canada

Almost all Canadian universities and colleges offer post-graduate diploma courses. What generally differs from one college to another is the subject matter that is covered in these courses. The students can choose the institution and the course as per their interest.

  • Algonquin College is one of the most popular colleges in Canada for post graduate diploma. It was established in 1967, and it is a publicly funded college.
  • Durham College is renowned as one of the best arts and technology colleges in Canada. It offers more than 140 programs at different levels.
  • Fleming College was also established in 1967, and it is also a public academic institute. The college is ranked as one of the top 50 research institutes of Canada.
  • Humber College was founded in 1967, and it is known to offer over 190 programs, also including post graduate diploma courses.
  • Sault College was established in 1965 in London. Currently, it offers graduate and undergraduate courses, post-graduate diploma courses, and online programs.

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Eligibility Criteria For Post Graduate Diploma In Canada

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Quite like the other degrees, there are a few eligibility criteria that the candidates need to fulfill to get accepted in a university for a Masters Level or Post Graduate Course. The criteria would include previous academic degrees and work experiences, language test scores, and standardized exam test scores. If the candidate is also looking to bag in the scholarship for the course, he/ she must showcase credentials of leadership experiences and associations.

To obtain the scholarship, the candidates should also showcase credentials of excellent academic performance in the past.

Bachelor’s Degree 

To apply for a Masters’s degree in Canada, or a postgraduate diploma, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree. To enroll in the graduate course, you need to have an undergraduate degree in the same field, especially if it is a technical degree or one from the field of science. In the case of a post graduate diploma, it depends on the course whether you need to have an undergraduate degree in the same field or not. Mostly, any Bachelor’s certificate should help you get enrolled.

Work Experiences 

eligibility criteria for post graduate diploma in canada

Generally, you don’t require work experience to apply to a graduate program or post-graduate diploma program. With the help of your undergraduate degree, you should be allowed admission. If you’re looking to get a scholarship to study in Canada, relevant work experiences or the one that showcases your leadership abilities could help up to a great extent. Possessing leadership ability is one of the major requirements for getting a scholarship in Canada.

English Language Proficiency 

Whether you’re looking to apply for a graduate degree or a postgraduate diploma, you’d have to appear for and pass english language proficiency test. In case of Canada, you’d have to appear for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam. You’d require a minimum of 5.5 to get the admission. For scholarship, your language test result must be above 7. Though, this highly differs from one university to another.


To get enrolled in a graduate-level course, you should have appeared and passed a standardized test like GMAT or GRE. Some universities may not demand standardized test results as such for enrollment in graduate courses. Needless to say, to get a scholarship, you’d require really high test scores. For postgraduate diploma courses, generally, you don’t need GMAT or GRE test scores.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are some of the frequently asked questions about education in Canada. These are two of the most popular ones that are asked regarding the different levels and courses offered.

What are the alternatives to post secondary education in Canada?

There are many alternatives to post-secondary education in Canada. The candidates could either join the A-Level program, which is an international course. The course is offered by the University of Cambridge. Yet another international program, which is a good post-secondary course is IB. It stands for International Baccalaureate. It is a Swiss degree offered by the IB Organization. Apart from these two, the students could also enroll themselves in the Canadian High School Diploma program. It is the most popular post-secondary course in the country.

How long does it take for a Post Graduate in Canada?

Masters degree programs generally span for a duration of 2 years in Canada. These courses cover different subject areas, from Science to Management to Liberal Arts, and so on. Post Graduate Diploma, generally, spans for a duration between 1 year and one and a half years. These courses also cover a wide range of areas as Masters level.

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