Our Story

Our Story

At CIC Education Hub, we cherish humanity, emotions and empathy. We understand how important and crucial it is to handle a student’s career. We work towards achieving the best for every student. We know the importance of correct, proper and genuine guidance and here at CIC Education we respect that. Our work is not only to admit students in colleges at Canada but to ensure that they are choosing and taking up decisions that are going to boost their career.

We have a friendly and familiar environment where attachment is the key. We enjoy student’s success and celebrate it together. We share laughter’s and tears. Here, at CIC Education we live life and celebrate life, career and success as success is the key to a happy and peaceful life. Walk in and experience the successful life at CIC Education Hub!!!

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Our Mission

  • To provide customized solutions to the students aspiring to study in Canada.
  • Strive for the organic growth of our organization through integrity, honesty, and excellence.
  • To build a strong and credible relationship with the partner institutions by recognizing shared values & goals.

Our Vision

  • To be the market leader for study in Canada solutions for the students
  • To help student achieve their goals through proper career counseling & guidance,
  • To add value for our partner institutions and all other stakeholders.

Planning process

A step-by-step guide to applications and visa requirements
  • 1
    Register and Talk with An Education Counselor

  • 2
    Test Preparation Classes

  • 3
    Apply To Institutions With Our Help

  • 4
    Prepare & Lodge Visa Documents

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